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I'll be adding maps of historic Lithuania -- that are not on my static map site -- here on a regular basis (more than one/week) now that I've caught my breath, having just finished a five-part presentation (Parts 1-4 are already on Youtube at on the history, in maps and photos, of Long Island City, New York, sponsored by the (Part 1:

The map below, created by Paul de La Feuille, was published in Amsterdam in 1747 by J. Ratelband in his atlas "Geographisch-Tooneel Of uitgezochte Kaarten." The map's title: "LE ROYAVME DE POLOGNE AVEC SES CONFINS" (The Kingdom of Poland with its Boundaries). Like many -- but not all -- mapmakers, de La Feuille used an incomplete name for the country, which actually was "The Commonwealth of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania." which existed 1569 to 1795. This version of the map is the 3rd State of the 5th version of the Plate from which the map was printed. The image is from the online digitized collection of Vilnius University Library: You can see details of the history of this map at my map site, at de La Feuille's listing:


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