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Search Any Text on 57,000 Digitized Antique Maps for "Lithuania"

So what does this mean for collectors of Historic Lithuania maps? It means that you can now search any text -- not just the titles -- on 57,000 antique maps for a mention of "Lithuania" or "Litauen," or any variation in any language.

My first search was for "Lithuania." I got back 283 results, as shown below. Click on any of the examples, and you get right to the map, where you can download a high-quality image or buy a print!

Page 1 of search results

Pages 2 and 3 of search results

Page 4 of search results

Pages 5 and 6 of search results

After clicking on the red-boxed "Lithuanie" on the page 6 search results, you get right to the map

A last search example, this time on the German version of Lithuania: "Litauen" -- 46 results:


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