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Sveiki atvykę į mano naują svetainę! Welcome to my new site!

I created a site called in 2008, a site that has over 4,000 images of antique maps of the area of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which existed from 1569 to 1795 (with a bump in the road just before the last Partition resulted in the disappearance of the Commonwealth from maps of Europe). Beginning March 31, 2021, becomes a static site, a reference site for antique maps of the area of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Yahoo! web-hosting pulled the rug out from under me, ending support of the platform I used for 12 years. Transferring the over 4,000 images on that site to a new platform was beyond me, both in terms of doing it myself, and paying a web-developer/designer to do it.

So I've launched this brand-new website:, hosted by Wix, a site that will be more of a blog, with pages for new maps and map commentary not on the old site, plus new articles on all things Lithuanian: traditional Lithuanian wood carving, Lithuanian history, including excerpts from research papers, the Lithuanian language, art and poetry by Lithuanians, and even Lithuanian beers! My favorite is Jovaru, a gyvas alus -- a farmstead live beer. Thank you for giving my new site a look, and I hope you come back soon!

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