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A traditional Lithuanian folk art

Lithuanian wood carving is an ancient art form. According to Ruta Saliklis’ forward to the book “Sacred Woods – The Contemporary Lithuanian Woodcarving Revival”,

“Vast Forests once covered Lithuania. Evidence of the importance of woods in Lithuanian culture can be found in folklore, religion and mythology. The Lithuanian language itself shows the importance by the numerous words for woods, depending on the type of trees within them. Lithuanians see wood not merely as an organism, but as a vibrant living entity. Thus traditionally a tree can only be chopped down during the dormancy of winter. In pre-Christian times certain groves of trees were considered sacred and no one (not even the King) would dare cut a tree from such a grove, or even take wood from the ground.”

One of the many Lithuanian saying or legends about trees states – The Oak is the strongest tree and if you hug an Oak you will derive some of its strength.

I am proud that one of my first cousins, Vidmantas Kapaciunas, is a noted -- and honored -- wood carver. This page will feature his new sculptures. Here he is with one of his newest commissions:


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