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Today's new maps:

1. Published 1762 in Augsburg, Germany: Tobin Conrad Lotter (engraver) - Tobias Lobeck (publisher): "Poloniæ Regnum, Ducatusq. Magnae Lithuaniæ," 11 x 13 cm, originally from Lotter's pocket atlas "Atlas Geograpghicus Portatilis," first published 1755, in this instance bound in Lobeck's "Kurzgefasste Geographie." Image from the National Library of Poland, via

2. Published (and dated in the cartouche) 1766 in Paris: Louis Brion de la Tour (engineer/geographer to the King) - Louis Charles Desnos (geographer/publisher): "Etats de Pologne et de Lithuanie...avec Roiaume de Prusse, et le Duché de Curlande," in the second edition, with an elaborate engraved "frame" from Desnos' "Atlas général." Compare with the dated 1765 first edition, with no frame, at Image from the collection of Vilnius University Library.


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