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My favorite Lithuanian sites

Lituanus is an English language journal dedicated to Lithuanian and Baltic art, history, language, literature and related cultural topics. Since their first issue in 1954, their unique collection of articles offers an in-depth perspective to Lithuania’s past and present.

A web page where anyone can sell, buy, exchange or request antique maps and atlases completely free.

Here you will find maps, city images and engravings of several private collections in Lithuania. The collections are limited to the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, therefore the collection contains only a few maps of Prussia (Klaipeda region). There are no Memel plans in the collection, as it was not a city and territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but you will find images and plans of the city of Grodno.

The Lithuania Philatelic Society (LPS) was founded in 1946 in Chicago, Illinois. It is a bilingual organization (English and Lithuanian). They currently have 120 active members of various ethnic origins, but predominantly Lithuanian. Most of the members reside in the United States, but they also have members in Europe (Lithuania, France, Germany), Canada, Japan and Australia. They hold membership meetings in Chicago at least once a year usually in November. The Society’s journal, illustrated and comprehensive in scope, contains in-depth articles on various topics including postal history, classic and new issues, history of Lithuania, as well as society news. The journal is published in English on an annual basis distributed free of charge to society members and major libraries in Lithuania.

LitvakSIG, which has a link on its site to my own:, is the primary internet resource for Lithuanian-Jewish ("Litvak") genealogy research worldwide. Their mission is to preserve Litvak heritage by discovering, collecting, documenting and disseminating information about the once vibrant Jewish community of Lithuania. LitvakSIG has long-term relationships with the archives in Lithuania. In addition to translating records that are relevant to all parts of Lithuania, we also maintain a number of geographic-specific Research Groups. The primary mission of a Research Group is to identify and collect data for that group’s territorial area of interest from available records for Lithuania from the Russian Empire Period (1795 to World War One) and the period of Independent Lithuania (1919-1940) including Vilna Guberniya.


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